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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is another method for increasing visitors to your website. SEM is the practice of utilizing the capabilities of internet search engines to improve your website's online presence. When done rightly, it has the potential to attract the greatest number of visitors to your website.

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SEM is a dependable marketing strategy that provides a quick, simple, and cost-effective method for increasing visitors to your website. It is the ideal tactic if the company is not receiving enough visitors organically through SEO techniques alone. SEM combines search engine optimization tactics with paid advertising strategies to produce quick and efficient results for websites.

Balimi is a well-known Search Engine Marketing agency. Our services are spread across the country. Throughout the years, we have provided impeccable services to our clients. Today Balimicorp is one of the top Search Engine Marketing servicing agencies.

All in all, SEM is a subset of the growing digital marketing arena, and getting it right is crucial for business success. And Balimi can be the best resort for lead generation and maximizing ROI in order to grow businesses and stay ahead of the competition.

How does search engine marketing work?

Search engine marketing is a method of increasing your online web presence in both organic and sponsored ways. It starts by finding and analyzing the ideal keywords for the website. Simultaneously, conducting competitive research is also an important step.

After that, we work on your website and redesign it to make the most out of it. This includes giving it a professional look and making it more user-friendly, mobile responsive, and Google-friendly. All these are necessary to rank high on Google’s search page.

Thereafter, we prepare marketing campaigns with the relevant industry keywords that are suitable for the target audience. We run both SEO and SEM campaigns parallelly to get the maximum benefits.

Benefits of SEM

There are numerous advantages to search engine marketing, some of which are stated below:

  • SEM increases awareness of brands among people.
  • SEM improves the visibility of brands.
  • It raises market demand for the product.
  • It enhances website traffic and pay-per-click earnings.
  • It contributes to a significant rise in targeted leads.
  • SEM allows you to tailor your product advertisements to specific users based on language and region.

What do you get under our search engine marketing services?

Campaign Strategy

The first and most important stage in building SEM advertising is to set up your campaign. We define campaign goals based on your marketing objectives and specify geo-targets here. All of these efforts result in filtering the target market.

Keyword Research

The goal of the research is to find low-cost, relevant, and high-converting keywords. We target keywords used by the target audience (prospects) and use them in the campaign while keeping your budget in mind.

Competitor Analysis

It is a vital phase in creating your ad campaign because it leads you to select the proper set of keywords, understand the landing page strategy, and demystify the ad copy method for increasing the profitability of your business. We provide a sneak peek of your competitors' strategies in order to stay ahead of them.

Campaign Management

Proper campaign management sets the road to campaign success, and we excel at it. Our campaign managers are trained SEM professionals who monitor and fine-tune the campaign as needed. These little changes increase the overall ROI of the campaign.

A/B Inspection

We don't stick to just one idea. We keep testing to find the best. Our copywriting staff creates enticing clickbait that consumers can't help but click on. Our secret sauce is proper call-to-action(CTA) and emotional stimulation.

Monitoring and Reporting

We don't just deliver conversions. We go above and beyond. We examine campaign data in Google Analytics and other third-party tools in order to improve results. We present this information to you in a clear manner so that you can understand the actual findings.

We bring traffic to your website

Finding relevant keywords and creating keyword-rich content is not enough. It is pointless unless people notice your efforts.

We optimize the website by investigating the key aspects of SEO. We don't argue over whether it's an art or a science. Instead, we employ SEM fundamentals along with the best SEP techniques to make the website visible on the internet.

When you delegate the task for search engine marketing to Balimicorp, you can rest assured that you will receive excellent results. We are a well-known firm that offers SEM services, which encompasses all important On-Page and Off-Page content optimization techniques to bolster our SEM strategies.

We understand that no matter how sophisticated our SEM strategies are, we will never be able to guarantee a high ranking with the same approach. Thus we constantly change our strategies to go in parallel with search engines that are constantly upgrading their algorithms. Moreover, our search engine marketing specialists constantly fine-tune the SEM services to ensure that you do not suffer any loggerheads from changing algorithms.

Why work with us?

At Balimicorp, we provide personalized online marketing solutions to clients based on their needs. We serve businesses all around the world and work hard to understand their marketing objectives so that we can maximize the results of our search engine marketing efforts. Our services assist you in converting a click into a purchase or subscription. We believe in providing robust SEM services that give wings to our clients at a cost-effective budget.

Reach both local and global market

We target your advertisements to both local and global demographics based on their search intents and patterns.

Increase customers’ footfall

We help to attract customers who consider your brand/product as the solution for their needs. We also make efforts to reduce bounce rates and focus on retaining customers.

We make it painlessly simpler

As the owner of your brand, you must have a clear understanding of the things we do to help your brand. Thus we assign a manager who will be responsible to explain you everything.

Real-Time Reporting

We provide regular reports and statistics to help you understand the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

Our strategies to attract more eyeballs

Search Ads

We work on strategic search ad campaigns like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Taboola Ads. These advertisements are displayed alongside search engines and are only activated when someone searches for your keywords.

  • Ad creation: We create compelling ad copies that not only grab people's attention but also tell them what you have to offer.
  • Use keywords for better results: We choose the ideal keywords for what your consumers are looking for to increase the visibility and reach of your ads.
  • Control your budget: Our SEM services also involve budget monitoring, so you know how much you want to spend on ads targeting your potential audience.

Display Banner Ads

As one of the best SEM agencies, we produce the best display advertisements for your brand awareness and roll out new product information.

  • Create your advertisement: We create compelling text and image ads for your targeted audience.
  • Display your advertisements: Create campaigns to reach people based on interests, subjects, placements, or demographics.

Video Ads

Video ads are a great way to reach maximum visibility. Spend your budget on creating video ads for a targeted audience. And you will only be charged if they watch the videos. This is a great way to have an effective video ad campaign on a tight budget.

  • Create advertising: As the top SEM business, we make compelling video content for YouTube and other video platforms. Your video will/ appear next to other videos based on the targeting criteria you specify.
  • Display your advertisements: We display ads based on interest, gender, behavior, and demographics.
  • Control your spending: Set a daily budget limit and use YouTube's analytics tool to generate reports.

App Ads

Balimicorp can assist you in marketing your company's iOS or Android app to users. Reach out to consumers who would like your app while making the most of your budget.

  • Customize your ad: Search for your app in the App Store or Play Store to see a custom ad preview of your app. Customize the text, upload app photos and videos, and launch the campaign.
  • Control your spending: As the top SEM agency, we establish a daily budget and determine how much you are ready to spend on each app installation.
  • Simple management tool: Launch your ad on the web, including Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, and other platforms. We automatically configure your bids to show your app advertising to the greatest number of consumers.

Shopping Advertisements

If you're a store owner, you can use Google Shopping ads to promote your online and local products and get more people to visit your website or store.

  • Increase your traffic: When compared to text advertisements displayed in the same position for shopping-related searches, shopping ads have greater click-through rates (CTR).
  • Multiple listings: For a suitable potential user search term, more than one listing can be displayed at the same time, as might product listing shopping advertisements, and text ads.
  • Easy campaign management: Shopping ads utilize the product qualities listed in your product listing shopping advertising data to help your adverts appear for relevant or targeted search phrases. Browse your product inventory in the merchant center for Google Product Listing advertisements, and you can build a collection of products or things to bid on or spend your budget on.

Our promise

Perfect landing page

Balimi assists you in reaching the intended segmented target group with minimal conversion expenses and maximum conversion rates. We test and confirm that the advertisements land on the correct target page at the Best Internet Marketing Company, ensuring that the end output has the greatest impact.

Data-driven marketing approach

Your data should guide the marketing strategy you adopt. We guarantee that campaigns will be monitored and managed on a frequent basis in order to achieve the greatest outcomes. When we perform Digital Marketing for Business, we set targets to measure the success of the advertising based on the company's metrics and statistics in order to create a cohesive strategy.

Detailed optimized analysis

Our Search Engine Marketing Services leverage the power of PPC advertising services to form alliances across SEO and PPC campaigns, eliminating the possibility of campaign strategy consumption. A good SEM campaign requires continuous review. We conduct split testing with our best SEM team to determine which version of the ad is more effective, as well as how your digital marketing advertising is affecting SEO traffic and eventual sales.

Our holistic search engine marketing service drives sales beyond your expectations

While search engine optimization helps in getting organic traffic, it takes a few months to show the results. On the other hand, search engine marketing helps in boosting your online visibility through paid marketing campaigns. It is a highly focused and profitable subset of digital marketing to generate a steady stream of traffic, propelling your company to new heights.

This strategy is quite profitable for new businesses who wish to kickstart their venture by attracting the target pool of customers. In this endeavor, Balimi can greatly help with cutting-edge search engine marketing services tailored for individual customers.

You will be able to maximize your resources by utilizing our services. Rather than using a cookie-cutter approach for each client, we create a personalized SEM plan to maximize ROI while keeping your company's marketing objectives in mind.


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