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Social media networks have grown, and people of all ages use them for personal and professional reasons. There are billions of active users on social media who may be your consumers. Because it can hear what others are saying about your brand, social media might be the ears. Responding to people's questions and gaining their trust would be good.

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In the realm of advertising and promotion, social media marketing holds the highest position for sure. And Balimi being one of India's top social media marketing service companies understands this. Therefore, we assist you in creating awareness about your products and services through various social platforms.

As the best social media marketing service agency, we assist businesses of all sizes and domains to ride on a robust marketing approach by leveraging the power of social media channels.

With the top social media agency, the information about your products and services is made available to a wide range of people, including those who are interested in using your services but are ignorant of a specific brand being advertised. We have successfully handled a number of social media campaigns and assisted businesses in increasing their visibility on these networks.

Balimi's SMM service at a glance

  • Appealing Graphics
  • Compelling content
  • Perfect Lead-generating campaigns
  • More than 90% of Happy Clients
  • More than 100% Engagement Rate
  • Low acquisition cost
  • Impeccable Brand Building

Why is social media marketing important in today’s digital age?

In today's fast-paced world, individuals prefer to learn more about brands and businesses by visiting their social media channels. This allows them to comprehend what others are saying about the brand.

So, if potential consumer searches for you on social media, say, Facebook, and you aren't there, that's a major mistake. You wind up losing huge consequences later on.

For your convenience, here are some stunning statistics that highlight the importance of social media marketing for businesses in 2022.

  • 70% of consumers who have had a favorable social media encounter are more likely to spread the word about their experience.
  • 90.4 % of Millennials and 77.5 % of GenZ prefer social media to gather information about products and services before making a purchase.
  • It is estimated that Facebook has 2.7 billion active monthly users. Now that is a huge market in itself. Clicking the right cord on Facebook can give a you highly potential customer base.

When you know your target customer is on social media and your company does not have a strong presence, you are doomed to fall behind the competition.

Social media may help brands understand more about their customers' interests and preferences. Experts predict that smart organizations will continue to spend on social media in order to achieve long-term commercial growth.

Why Choose Balimicorp’s Social Media Marketing Services?

Balimicorp has made significant progress across numerous social media channels. We offer high-quality social media marketing services and add flair to various ad campaigns on any social media platform.

Balimicorp will manage your social media accounts and increase your brand's presence. We will bring high-quality traffic and leads to your website, ultimately connecting your company and services to the perfect buyer. We will also assist in increasing consumer involvement. We can ensure loyal customers and entice new shoppers by designing appealing campaigns and authoring interesting content.

Balimicorp offers high-quality social media marketing services. We tailor our social media approach to your specific needs, whether you are a start-up or a well-known business, which makes our social media marketing services the best option for you to reach the right people to fulfill your marketing goals.

Fuel the growth of your company

  • Get fantastic online exposure
  • Create a distinct and recognizable visual identity.
  • Increase brand awareness

How Do We Take Your Business Social?


Business: Every firm has its own individual identity. This quality necessitates that we have a thorough understanding of your company.

Industry: Every business is part of an industry, which is a larger agglomeration. As a marketer, we gain insights into the industry's trends, ecosystem, and past and future movements by studying it. This helps us design your company's social media strategy.

Goals: Every business, short or long-term, has a set of goals. We have a thorough understanding of your short-, medium-, and long-term objectives, which allows us to craft a sound social media strategy that accomplishes all of your goals over the long term.

Prospective Clients: Businesses segment and target customers based on the products and services they offer. In order to target the right audience on all social media platforms, we create a persona of your customer.

Competition Analysis

Recognize Your Rivals: Technology has spawned a slew of related firms in virtually every sector. Trying to figure out who your direct and indirect competitors are has become increasingly complicated. We begin our competitiveness study by determining who your online competitors are.

Gauging the Competition: You may learn a lot about your business's social media strategy by analyzing your competitors' social media presence. When it comes to social media, we go to great lengths to find out where and why your competitors are active.

Competitors' Content Analysis: It's logical to look at the content of your competitors to get a sense of the types, styles, and types of material being generated in your business.

Social Strategy

Content Creation: 'Content is king,' and we adhere to this adage in order to provide our clients with the best possible material. Ads and social postings are just the tips of the iceberg when it comes to social content; blogs, social platform profiles, and responses to social interaction are all part of the social content mix. Every social media post and ad we create includes a hashtag to help you reach the biggest potential audience.

Design/Creatives: If you want your social media material to stand out from the rest of the pack, it needs to be both original and catchy. From writers to graphic designers to creative marketers and copywriters, we have a team of outstanding creatives.

Ads: In order to have a successful social strategy, the marketing approach must be carefully thought out. We build an AIDA-based ad strategy that is in sync with your consumer experience. Using an AIDA-based ad strategy raises the chances of your potential customer moving to the next stage of the consumer funnel."

Remarketing: Remarketing is an essential component of any successful social media campaign. It's possible to get twice as many conversions out of a well-executed remarketing campaign on social media than the original campaign. We keep track of all the people who come to your website via social media. We build an action-inducing remarketing campaign across social networks for visitors who don't become customers, in order to get them to the AIDA funnel's final stage, Action.


Calendar of Social Events: It is not enough to create user-centric, compelling, and relevant information; it is also critical to release it at the proper time. We design a detailed calendar that allows us to schedule social posts and advertisements for your products and services to achieve the greatest results.

Content Bank: Content is diverse, and managing it can be difficult at times, necessitating the use of a content bank. We centrally manage all material important to your brand depending on kind and form, such as blogs, infographics, designs, photos, and videos.

Advertising Copies: A great commercial is a combination of innovation, visually spectacular creatives, and thought-provoking substance, regardless of the platform. For us, the final and most critical phase in the execution process is to create action-inducing ad copy.

Scheduling: Scheduling social posts at the appropriate time is just as crucial as creating an ad. At different times of the day, different social sites have varied traffic. We begin by understanding your target consumers' social channel visitor behavior, and then we produce and schedule social content utilizing scheduling platforms such as Buffer, Hootsuite, and Zoho, to mention a few.


Social Platform Analytics: The gauge for measuring the performance of your social material is more than just the amount of engagement it generated. We examine a wide range of data generated by insights from many platforms, such as Facebook Insights, Twitter Insights, Instagram Insights, and so on, to help us optimize ads and social posts.

Google Analytics: Besides the built-in insights tool, it is critical to understand how much traffic is coming to your site from your brand's social sites. Integrating your social pages with your website's GA allows us to better optimize your brand's social media marketing plan.

Performance Evaluation: Acting on the insights supplied by analysis is what completes a social strategy. A social media campaign's performance is measured in terms of conversion rate, cost per acquisition, ROI, and a variety of other metrics. The performance analysis aids in optimizing the social media marketing strategy by adjusting placement, images, text, and targeting.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social media strategists at our company are experts in a variety of social media platforms. Depending on the niche, each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Social media platforms aren't necessary for all businesses and services.

A thorough review of your business and requirements will lead our SMM strategist to recommend the most appropriate social media platforms for your business. Following the recommendations, we will create a content strategy.

Facebook Marketing Services

In terms of marketing, Facebook is a valuable resource. With over 2.75 billion active users, it's vital to reach a wide range of target demographics with your content and services. At Balimi, we'll help you every step of the way to increase your social media presence. In order to reach the proper audience, Facebook offers very specific targeting choices. Make use of this database if you are a start-up company. Businesses can use both free and paid advertising methods on Facebook.

Instagram Marketing Services

With over a billion users, Instagram is vital to the company's growth. It's an old cliche, but it holds true in the age of Instagram. Using attractive images and short videos to promote your business and generate quality leads/sales is a good strategy. Balimi has a great deal of imagination and is able to conjure up visions that will captivate the audience. Instagram would love any picture that is visually appealing and draws in a lot of attention. Reels is a short video application that competes with TikTok in popularity.

Quora Marketing Services

To date, Quora has become the most popular knowledge-sharing social network. More than 300 million people use Quora on a daily basis. Quora is, in reality, the most popular Q&A site. It's possible to generate content and have it rank well on search engines because Quora material has a good Google ranking. Having an answer that is relevant to your brand or business is a great way to increase your visibility in the market. Quora's insinuations and oblique approach to a particular issue are fascinating. You can't go wrong with Quora's blend of information and marketing.

LinkedIn Marketing Services

There are already more than 700 million LinkedIn members, most of them are professionals and managers. B2B and B2C marketing will thrive on this platform. There are leaders, influencers, executive-level members, and other professionals who may be found on the site. The vast majority of LinkedIn users openly discuss their professional decisions. With the support of this network, you may cultivate your own brand and create relationships with other individuals and businesses. Using LinkedIn, we can target the proper people and create relationships with them.

YouTube Marketing Services

With over 1.5 billion monthly users, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website on the planet. Since its debut, YouTube has ushered in a new era of online video. Since 2005, video content has been accorded equal weight to written information in terms of relevance. 60 percent of individuals prefer to watch videos on interesting topics rather than read about them. It is possible to take advantage of this new trend by producing high-quality video content. Almost any specialty can benefit from using YouTube because the site attracts a wide range of viewers from all walks of life. Short-form video content on YouTube Shorts is an option as well, in addition to long-form video.

Twitter Marketing Services

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has grown to an average monthly user base of 300 million individuals, sending out 500 million tweets every day. Eighty percent of Twitter's users use the service via mobile devices, and the service has 100 million daily active users. It's easy to see what's trending on Twitter at any one time because so many well-known people use it. Twitter is an excellent tool for promoting a product or service's brand awareness and generating buzz.

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