On-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization involves a wide range of strategies that fall under two categories. On-page SEO and OFF-page SEO.

Most People usually think there is nothing in ON-page SEO apart from using keywords. That’s False.

What is ON-page SEO ?

ON-page SEO is used to optimize web pages content for search engine result page (SERP) and users. This is used to earn organic traffic towards websites with improved website ranking.

We should have high & unique quality content, it includes optimizing your headlines, HTML tags and images. Your website should adhere to trustworthiness.

Important ON-page SEO elements

Balimicorp provides best ON-page SEO with a team of professional experts using strategies mentioned above, there are many other elements that are important for the success of a site.

  • 1. URL
  • The URL of your website should give a brief description about the page's topic

  • 2. Title
  • The title tag, an HTML tag that is present in the head section of the webpage. It gives the context of what the topic is about. We can use specific keywords in the title tag of each page.

  • 3. Meta Description
  • Meta Description is your page’s summary and visible in SERPs underneath the title tag. Optimizing meta description correctly can help indirectly :

    • Click-through rate (CTR)
    • Quality of result
    • Perception of what your website offers will change.
  • 4. Headlines
  • Your headlines need to spark interest in users and to SERP. Using heading tags throughout your content makes it more readable for users.

    When writing heading, remember to target your main keyword in H1 tag.

  • 5. Image Optimization
  • Adding images in your content makes your webpage more appealing. Images used on websites sometimes make the site slow, so need to optimize it properly.

Benefits of ON-Page SEO

  • Rank higher in the Search Engine Result Page(SERPs)
  • WiTh this you can get organic traffic
  • Faster website speed due to good HTML coding and other ON-Page SEO implementation
  • With the higher ranking of your website on search engines, it leads to exceptional brand value. The higher you number of content & pages are ranking in google, it builds the brand’s value
  • Enhanced Click-Through Rate(CTR)
  • In comparison to OFF-page SEO, it is easier and simpler to manage.