OFF-Page SEO is about things that don't happen directly on a website. Apart from the website content, OFF-Page SEO has to perform certain promotion-methods to make the ranking of the website higher in SERPs(Search Engine Result pages). Our professional experts at Balimicorp provide the best OFF-Page SEO Services

Link building is part of OFF-page SEO, but it doesn’t stop here.

What is OFF-page SEO ?

OFF-page SEO consists of activities which are done outside the website in an effort to increase the site's SERP. Commonly used OFF-page SEO actions includes creating backlinks, branded search and increasing engagement and share on social media.

In other words : Generating traffic to your website and making it trustworthy and authoritative.

We can use following techniques for OFF-Page SEO :

  • 1. Link Building :
  • Link building is the most effective OFF-page SEO technique. By building links to your website, You are trying to get some attention which will help in getting ranking higher.
    For Example : If someone likes your article & he/she wants to refer to it from their website. It will tell Google that this page has good information. Google will take this into account when deciding the ranking of a page.

  • 2. Brand Building :
  • Google ranks higher when a website is branded. The reason is Authority and Trustworthiness which brands provide. As brands are more reliable to users & trusted by them, it creates a better user experience.
    To make your brand stand out in searches, you can take help from SEO companies or SEO Service Agency to improve your brand value.

  • 3. Social Media Marketing :
  • Every business or website nowadays needs social media presence. Google also states that social media directly does not impact ranking. But if you go viral, the reason could be anything like it may be paid marketing. So, getting likes from paid users won’t get any ranking. But if it is real then users will redirect to your website and it will impact your ranking.

  • 4. Guest Posting :
  • Guest posting is about writing as a guest for someone else’s website and providing information to their audiences. When this is done correctly, it can not only be used as a marketing strategy but also for link building.

  • 5. Content Marketing :
  • When you think of content marketing, it only comes as an ON-page SEO strategy. Which means creating content for your website only. But content marketing works on both ON-page and OFF-page SEO techniques. If you write content for your own website it will become a part of content marketing, but if you create content and post anywhere it comes under content marketing. Content Marketing is a long-term strategy which helps you to reach your audience & their needs, to build a strong relationship. SEO along with content marketing both require consistency. You need to come up with unique, fresh & creative content, which will attract your clients.

Types of Content Marketing :

Start your content marketing with writing blogs for your own website in your field of expertise, do it regularly & make it interactive. In addition to writing blogs, you can also go for guest blogging, surveys, create Ebooks, videos, quizzes and even events. Share valuable information on subjects in which your audience is interested in more. The more you interact with them, the more traffic you can expect.

Benefits of OFF-Page SEO

  • Drive traffic to your website by using Backlinks.
  • Increase your SERPs. It will determine the ranking of your website. The higher your rank the more users will see you. So when your SERP is increasing, it will increase your CTR as well.
  • Increase your website exposure. High page rank in SERPs means great exposure to users and increases the chance of your website to come on top 5 searches.
  • Increase your Authority (E-A-T). E-A-T aka Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.