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Are you looking for the best search engine marketing? Then you are at the right place. Balimi is a leading SEO agency, India.

We also offer lead generation services to our valued clients, creating more quality traffic that turns into sales and helps in achieving a high ROI for their business.

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Our SEO marketing at a glance

Quality is first priority

Quality speaks for itself as search engines evolve at a quick pace. We don't just provide measurable results; we also provide high-quality outcomes that improve your organic search rankings.

Transparency and Accountability

We believe that as a brand owner, you should always be aware of how we promote and establish your company online. We keep you informed with timely and reliable reports on a regular basis. Everything is black and white, which is why our clients rank us as the No.1 SEO Company.

360° SEO Solution

SEO is a combination of technical analysis and mindful adoption. There is no such thing as a stand-alone SEO method. The appropriate mix of numerous SEO methods is required for the greatest outcomes. This is why we provide our clients with a comprehensive SEO solution that yields the finest long-term results.

Customized SEO Service Packages

We think that each firm is distinct in its own right, with its own set of issues. This is why we don't offer generic packages; instead, we develop a fully tailored SEO marketing solution that meets your particular requirements.

Single Point of Contact

Nothing is more aggravating than dealing with fresh employees every time you contact us. With a single manager assigned to your project for the duration, you won't have to repeat who and what you require every time you contact us.

No surprise when it comes to price

You only pay for what you have signed up for. There are no surprise fees at the end.

Our Process

Your Goal & Current SEO standing

Technical Audit

Research & Discovery


Keyword Research

Competitor Analysis

Road map for Growth

On-Page Optimization

Link Building

Reporting & ROI Calculation

Digital Marketing Optimization

We figure out what works for your business and what not

Balimicorp is the top SEO Company, offering comprehensive SEO solutions to all types of businesses locally, nationally, and worldwide. As a Digital Marketing Company, we provide top-rated SEO packages created by our best SEO specialists utilizing carefully developed blueprints based on best industry practices.

Search engines constantly change their search algorithm. That is why no one can predict what will the next algorithm be like. However, our years of expertise and experience in the industry ensure that we provide online SEO optimization services that are resilient to these changes and preserve the positions of our clients on the SERPs.

Balimicorp is known for its specializations in various SEO strategies for robust digital marketing. We have been providing SEO optimization services for years. We have seen the crests and troughs of the ever-changing traffic curve and can tell you that our learnings from these years can ensure you stay on top of your game.

We can assist you whether you are struggling to move your page from the second to the first page of search results or you are an ambitious digital adventurer eager to reach out to new clients over the internet.

Our SEO strategies are tailored to each client's unique business requirements. Of course, everyone wants to get to the top of the SERPs as quickly as possible, but maintaining that position is difficult, so we make sure we stay up to date on the latest in SEO so that we can help you stay on top of your game.

We help you take your brand to the peak of your business domain

Innovative Search Engine Optimization services for brand visibility and higher revenue growth

At Balimi SEO agency, the process has been effectively created based on all of the lessons we've learned over the years helping our clients reach the pinnacle of the first page. We first try to understand our clients' company needs, and then implement our SEO process.

Website Audit

We provide thorough preliminary assessments that uncover all potential strategies to outrank competitors' web pages. A comprehensive audit of your website will help you rank higher in search engines and attract more people!

Following a thorough analysis of your website, we implement the necessary improvements to enhance rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). Our preliminary and full-scale assessments aid in the identification of issues, allowing you to notice an improvement on Google, Bing, or Yahoo!

Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competitors are doing is half the battle. Therefore, we research the market and your competitors to develop an online marketing strategy that will yield the best organic results for you.

Technical Audit

Once on board, our first goal is to rectify the troubling shortcomings. We, search, discover, and remove the issues hurting your online performance with a full technical audit of your website. This includes checking the URLs, Robo txt files, Image alt txt, redirections, and 404-errors.

Off-page SEO

Not everything we do takes place on your website. We inform the world about your fantastic, SEO-friendly website using Off-page SEO activities like guest blogging and forum writing, producing high-quality backlinks to boost online relevance, authority, and traffic.

Keyword Investigation and Selection

We intend to win the second half of the online battle through rigorous keyword research and selection. Our extensive keyword research aids in the development of an SEO plan that allows you to make well-informed selections.

Content Strategy

Afterward, we optimize website content with relevant keywords to ensure that the content on your site is engaging and meaningful for your target demographic. It is to note that Google likes material that includes just the proper amount of keywords along with easy-to-understand insightful content.

Link Building

The key to SEO success is links from high-quality, relevant sources. We ensure that all of our backlinks are relevant and of good quality, and that they will help you rank higher in search engines for your keywords. We accomplish this by carefully crafting links so that SERPs truly reflect what's on the website! We all know that link development from relevant, trustworthy sites is critical for an SEO campaign. So that's all we'll be doing!

Conversion Optimization

After optimizing your website for SEO, we set out to accomplish the most important online business goals for you - conversions and lead creation. You may start increasing your business both online and offline with higher CTRs.

Local SEO and Map Marketing

Get to the top of local search results and start growing your business in specific locations.

Google Penalty Reduction

White hat SEO tactics might help you avoid search engine penalties like Google Panda and Penguin.

Put Your Lead Generation on Autopilot Mode

With the best Search Engine Optimization marketing

Getting to the top of the SERP is only the beginning of the uphill climb; staying on top is an adventurous feat. Our SEO-dedicated managers regularly watch your website's ranks on Google and other search engines and promptly leap into action if they notice a decline. In other words, we never let you fall off the top.

We constantly update our clients' content to provide more value to their target audience, and we constantly check their bounce rate. We also research the latest technology in the business to assist them to stay ahead of the competition and at the top of Google search results.

Organic Traffic Increase

With over a billion searches made on Google every day, business/agency owners must ensure that they are present on the first page of the SERP to generate as much traffic as possible in order to boost their chances of converting to leads, therefore if you want to do the same, invest in SEO.

We have achieved fantastic results for customers/agencies by utilizing Google's ever-changing algorithm; our SEO professionals are always at the helm of our client's website, steering it toward the first position of the SERP.

We focus on identifying the most relevant and high-traffic volume keywords that are vital to your business and developing an SEO strategy to construct pages and begin your journey to Google's first page.

Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness of your product/services is critical for the growth of a business/agency since it instills trust in your users and familiarizes them with your products or services.

When you appear on the top page of Google when your target audience searches for your product or service, it helps them to remember this information, which in turn helps them to remember your agency.

With the support of brand awareness, our customers have dominated respective industry verticals and prevented their competitors from obtaining extra market share.

Increased Conversion Rate

We have designed great tactics for clients by recognizing changes in keywords, and updating their meta and titles; these improvements have helped us bring instant results to the client's agency.

As technology advances, algorithms are updated. This makes search engines become wiser while recognizing the suitability of your content. Hence, it is critical that we provide the most engaging content to assist our clients in nurturing and converting leads.

Increase in Sales

It is no surprise that your sales will increase due to an increase in quality traffic. The increase in sales can only mean one thing: growing clientele and your business. With more revenue, you can now consider expanding your business to more places.

Why pick our SEO services?

SEO is not about appearing at the top of every SERP page every time; rather, it is about appearing at the top of the relevant SERP whenever a prospect searches for your product/service.

We go a step further and examine our clients' individual market needs in order to come up with acceptable solutions that add value to your websites and help you keep expanding your organic traffic using SEO services.

White-Hat SEO Methods

At Balimi, Only white hat SEO is used to increase site rankings. There will be no link spamming or other unethical methods that go against Google's guidelines.

Expert SEO Consultants

Our SEO experts have extensive industry experience in difficult niches and can help you rank quickly.

Latest SEO Techniques

We achieve results for our clients by utilizing the most recent SEO techniques, and you can anytime see a detailed description of our methodology.

New SEO Strategies

Our SEO tactics change in tandem with search engines to ensure you never lose out on a single lead.

Strategized Approach

To gain ranks, we use a very structured process inspired by the SEO experience we have garnered over the years.


What exactly is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website for organic or unpaid traffic on search engines. It is a tried and true method for increasing visits and clicks.

Is SEO still effective?

Yes, SEO is a tried-and-true method that still works. Even if it's becoming more difficult, it still works.

Can I perform my own SEO marketing?

You may conduct basic SEO, but if you want to rank for competitive keywords, you need to work with an expert business like Balimi.

What is the cost of SEO marketing?

It is determined by the competition for the keywords and the amount of effort required to put those keywords to the top. However, our basic SEO services begin for a few thousand.

How long does it take to see the results of search engine optimization?

It takes some time to rank keywords. The typical timeline is 3 to 6 months.

Why should I hire Balimi for SEO?

We create a custom approach for each project and leave no stone left when it comes to ranking your website.

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