What is SEO ?

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It is a process of optimizing your webpages and its content with the goal of gaining higher rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Basically SEO optimization is the process of making the web pages easily accessible for search engines for indexing, scanning your site. SEO focuses more on improving the rankings in organic(non-paid) search results. As a result, it drives more traffic to the website.

If you are looking forward to getting higher ranking, your marketing strategy should be on point. To make it a little easier, you can go to an SEO Company or professional SEO service provider for help. At Balimicorp we provide the best SEO services with a team of professional experts. Here we will provide you several ways by which you can get your website on the top of Search Engine rankings.

Good SEO optimization involve many activities, such as:

  • Identifying relevant keywords with good reach
  • Creating unique and useful content. In that content we will use the keyword related to that content.
  • Using proper headings, crawlers will get the idea what your article is all about. Use H1 for main heading and then H2s, H3s, H4s for sub headings
  • Use relevant links from high-ranking websites
  • Add alt text to images, it will describe what’s happening in the image.

Why is SEO important?

In today’s competitive market, SEO is way more important than ever. Search engines serve millions of users per day with answers for their questions. For the year 2021, Google has already received 360 billion searches and in those billions of searches 15% is happening daily.

SEO optimization is important because it keeps the result fair, we don’t have the ability to manipulate those results. With a strong SEO strategy, it allows brands to position their website with unique content and keywords, so they can grab its attention.

Keyword Research and Strategy

SEO is not only about getting visitors to your page. You want to attract people who need what you're offering and can become a lead & later customer.

Keyword research is the one most important part of your SEO strategy. The motive is to reach the right audience so that there will be high chances of visibility on google.

Before writing any content for a website we need to have a high-volume search keyword. Later, the keywords will decide the direction of your content, ensuring that the content produced will be unique and reachable on Google.

It is a time consuming task and requires a lot of effort while finding details , numbers & comparing long lists of keywords just to match what you are looking for.

How to do Keyword Research

We can do keyword research using Keyword Tool or manual search . But you have to follow certain steps whether you are a SEO agency or SEO company.

At Balimicorp our SEO expert team follow these step-by-step process and help in researching relevant Keyword :

1. Study your niche :

Before you start finding keywords to optimize your page, it's better to start learning about your topic or niche first. It will give you some ideas which you may not have thought of earlier.

2. Define Your Goal :

Before starting anything, think about your end result. Ask yourself some questions like

  • What is the main goal of your company or agency ?
  • What is your brand about ?
  • What makes it so special to be worth visiting your website ?
  • What is your website about ?
  • What pledges do you make on your website ?
  • Once you have answered these questions, you know what you are looking forward to.

3. Make a list of relevant topic :

Based on the category of your brand, break it down to the more smaller topic approach. The topic needs to be important for your business and related to targeted audiences.

4. Make list of keywords :

Now that you know what the topic is, next is to create a keywords list. These keywords should be related to the various topics which you have chosen but most importantly they should match with the search term of the target audience.

5. Use of Good Keyword research tool :

Competitors can be a great source of keyword ideas.But there are still so many unused keywords that competitors aren’t using now and you can use Keyword research tools. We have many ways by which we can research keywords like using Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, etc.

6. Don’t forget long-tail keyword :

Seed keywords are often short term which is related to the topic. Long tail keywords, on the other hand these are long and descriptive. Matching the search intent with the target audience is much easier.