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Balimicorp offers you the best and most cost-effective Lead Generation Services in for B2B and B2C businesses. Lead generation is crucial for a 360° Digital Marketing strategy. Unless you get closer to quality customers who intend to buy, you can’t close deals. Therefore, we offer customized pay-per-lead services with paid promotions and landing page optimization to grow your business to the next level.

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Contextual customer identification at the end of the sales funnel has never been simple. Our Lead Generation Marketing Services will help you find, connect, and convert prospects more quickly than anyone else. Being one of the best lead generation companies in Hyderabad, we have perfected our process to suit every business need and ecosystem.

What is Lead Generation?

As a marketer, you need to know what a lead is before you can comprehend what lead creation is all about nowadays. This is a person who has shown interest in your products or services by displaying symptoms or behaviors that indicate that they are an opportunity and worth your time.

Rather than receiving a cold call from a stranger, a lead developed via interest capture hears from the brand in a variety of ways, most often in the most current trends. A business can get new leads by using form submissions, landing pages, targeted ads, and promotional messages.

As a result, they are able to discover the chances that may be used to hyper-target, nurture, and deliver natural communication messages that activate or warm the leads as they move through the buying cycle, ultimately leading to conversions and customer making a purchase.

Personalization, interaction, and a nurturing campaign are all part of these communications events, which are intended to nurture clients throughout the buying process in order to foster relationships and, eventually, improve the number of repeat customers. Lead generation is all the work you do to bring qualified visitors or leads into the marketing funnel by using relevant content assets, like an interesting blog and better or more effective automation campaigns.

Why is lead generation crucially important for your business?

Any company that wants to win or extend its customer base and entices MQL into its product or service needs to generate leads. A lead is a prospective consumer who hasn't made a purchasing decision and hasn't expressed an interest in your goods or services yet. Attracting an audience, getting them to supply contact information, and converting them into more qualified leads are all part of the process of lead generation.

This information can be utilized in order to produce a list of possible clients. It can also be utilized as a means for converting prospects into leads. If you don't have a lead generation strategy in place, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to develop your business and expand your customer base, and it doesn't have to be difficult to do.

Many businesses are expected to shift their attention from ideas for advertising to opportunities for lead generation. As long as they opt-in, the corporation will be able to automatically gather their email or mobile phone number so that they can be reached again in the future. The return on investment from an advertising campaign may take a long time, making lead generation a more sustainable method of recruiting new clients and customers.

However, with lead generation, you don't have to worry because there are numerous ways to use new leads that come into your funnel to help organizations develop. Many methods, such as email, telemarketing, or even social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, are used to create leads.

Even so, the form of lead generation that you choose to use would be heavily dependent on the industry or market in which you operate, as well as the type of product solution that you are selling.

How do you generate leads?

The inbound marketing process is already capable of incorporating digital marketing efforts across several channels, such as social media marketing, video marketing, SEO, and other attractive tactics, to reach the target audience and generate leads. That means that the second phase of lead generation marketing is when visitors in fact contemplate looking for problem-specific solutions. Here customers get acquainted with well-built useful and personalized experiences, at least at scale.

To get leads, it's not enough to just focus on the most important steps, like contacting or targeting people to get them to follow the most common purchase process so you can keep growing quickly and convert them.

If you don't have a strategy for generating leads and the resources to implement it, you're doomed to expensive know-how or, at the very least, to a lack of meaningful marketing cases and good sales. Lead generation sits in relation to a marketing workflow that places an emphasis on informing prospects. We can now take a look at all of the major steps that a lead generation process typically includes.

Here is what the entire journey of a visitor becoming a lead looks like:

Brand Discovery

One of your marketing channels, such as your top blog articles, social media like Facebook, your website, or other resources, may lead a visitor or prospect to find your brand or service.

Call To Action

The CTA, which can take the form of a picture, button, or even a message, will be clicked by the visitor once they have determined that your brand offers superior value or that your product interests them.

Landing Page Visit

Your CTA is a terrific technique to urge the visitor to click, and it leads to a landing page where you'll have every opportunity to collect visitor information through your efforts.

Visitors Become Leads

They become high-quality leads after filling out the form on one of your solo pages in exchange for your offer.

Not all leads are worth your time. Focus only on the quality leads.

The next crucial part of sales is lead qualification, which allows the organization the option of weeding out non-serious buyers. For example, not all leads that come into your marketing-sales funnel from different sources are going to be able to convert into paying customers, even if they are marketing-qualified leads or sales-qualified leads.

Many new types of leads will show curiosity and an openness to interacting with your brand, but this may not result in a long-term working relationship with your company, which would be considered a success. It's possible, for example, that a visitor who fills out a form only in order to take advantage of one of your top deals will not connect with your business in any way further once they have received the offer in its entirety and it has expired.

In order to begin the process of eliminating the company's bottom line, you must first establish and adhere to a set of qualification criteria, and then ensure that your sales force adheres to it in the future. By monitoring your customer's particular journey, you can learn more about their motivations for purchasing your product and, as a result, improve your own sales strategy.

You'll save time and money in the long run if you use good qualification criteria, so stay with them! When it comes to filling their crucial pipeline, sales and marketing teams need to acquire high-value leads based on common lead information like email addresses and more. Your top sales leads (SQLs) should be appropriately segmented and qualified before you begin your nurturing activities, so you can keep in touch and get the most benefits from them.

Know the interest level.

Depending on the level of interest your prospects and leads have in your products and services, you may collect data that differs greatly from the data you need to produce leads. If your best potential leads are really interested in building long-term relationships with your brand and becoming possible customers or buyers, you may need to use your nurturing plan or methods to measure their progress over time.

Tag interested leads with a lead score.

Right from the beginning of the funnel, assign a lead score to each visitor who becomes a lead, so they may be passed on to your sales staff and begin filling your sales funnel. Your lead scores necessitate the generation of implicit and explicit lead scores as well as negative lead scoring depending on events and behaviors of leads. To make this easy, clear, and accurate while also helping to reach the end goal of conversion, automation tools are used.

Time-tested lead generation philosophy


Our internet lead generation company relieves your sales force of the strain of creating hot, validated leads for your organization. Our trained outsourced sales team members will be accountable for all sales-related activities.


There is no loss; you simply have potential prospects who want to hear from you. Our lead generation firm will gather interest from highly qualified, proactive prospects and deliver them straight to your business in real-time using a combination of digital marketing strategies such as paid ads, social media, and content marketing.


Our online lead generation company knows what works best after 10 years of comprehensive end-to-end monitoring of the client sales cycle, from unique advertising sources and content placements. Our experience, knowledge, and lead scoring make sure that the leads we send to your company are qualified, cost-effective, and reliable.


We approach each customer on a long-term basis, and we rely on your lead quality input to ensure a successful lead generation campaign. Quality leads are our promise: if you can't convert, you're not buying more leads. Our Lead Generation services can help you ensure that your sales results are exactly what you're looking for.

How can Balimi's lead generation strategies be helpful for your business?

A wide variety of marketing approaches, online campaigns, and strategies can be used to capture potential clients, depending on the platform.

Balimi generates leads using proprietary online platforms that it owns and manages. The BANT or other criteria set up at the beginning of the campaign are used to manually check and qualify the leads.

Balimi guarantees that all leads given are manually vetted and have a real necessity. Balimi's support team provides consultation, and clients can request that leads on their lead panel be replaced.

Use the right lead generation tools

Instead of using unreliable lead generation solutions, you can get a lot of leads by making lead magnets, including attracting potential customers in your target market, storing and segmenting their information, and sending them targeted emails.

Come up with fantastic deals!

A customer's decision-making process is influenced by offers. These are often what sets a company distinct from its rivals, and here is why. Only in exchange for an offer that is simply too good to pass up, will your visitors be willing to divulge pertinent information about themselves to you. It may be an eBook, a pre-made template, or even a pricing strategy.

Visitor tracking

Many marketers, and especially the marketing team, find it difficult to generate leads when visitors are reluctant to give out personal information in the early stages of the process. You should turn on the visitor tracking pixel so that you can use social media, email marketing, and personalized communications to turn visitors into leads.

Progressive profiling

The first time a customer interacts with your brand, they aren't going to want to spend time filling out lengthy forms and surveys on your company's website or on other pages. With progressive profiling, you can ask visitors for as much information as you need, then slowly turn them into sales leads.

Be consistent with your content

If you're going to exchange information like a potential lead's name, phone number, email address, etc., make sure your ad copy and design are in sync across all media platforms and are consistent with your company's values and image.

A dedicated landing page

If you want your visitors to take action, you must direct them to an existing landing page for your firm that strengthens the notion they saw in your ads. If you promise your visitors a free valuable deal or relevant asset in your ad, you should direct them to the page where they can acquire it by using CTAs.

How Balimicorp’s lead generation marketing service makes a difference?

Reduced Sales Efforts

Our lead generation firm relieves the burden on your sales staff by handling all aspects of creating hot, authenticated leads for your organization. Our skilled outsourced sales team members will be in charge of all your sales-related activities.

Continued Following up

The team ensures that the generated leads are consistently followed up on, with conversion rates moving quickly in the company's favor. We bring in the proper leads and check on them once before forwarding them to the company.

Attracts Customers

To create leads, we use an inbound approach that incorporates paid search marketing, content marketing, and opt-in email marketing. Our lead generation company uses interactive marketing to attract potential customers.

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